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One of the things that I made a considered decision about during the Once In A Universe project was that I would embrace the use of the materials of the Anthropocene – silicone, plastics and batteries being the main ones that worried me. In the past I have questioned art which relates to environmental matters but which blatantly involves considerable environmental cost – but to be honest what is there about living as a 21st century human which doesn’t involve environmental cost? Anyway… I’ve decided that now that phase one of the project is done and dusted, the next phase of the project will involve more of an investigation of materials and how to try to cut costs (not the economic sort – although maybe my new approach might also help with this!)


So… small steps first. Continuing with the cluster motif I keep going back to at the moment, I decided today to make some salt and water dough and see what sort of clusters I could make with that. They’re in the oven, baking at the moment.


Hmm… nicely browned on all sides but a bit flat on the bottom. Still it’s a starting point and brings new thoughts to consider.¬†Tomorrow: Home made bioplastics.