Townley & Bradby are developing an event for us to host on the 18th July. We’ve worked individually before with Townley & Bradby (way back), but this is the first time QH has, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what playful event evolves.

This is their take on it:

During the last three years we have been documenting our children’s play. Artists As Parents As Artists will be a presentation of artwork we have made in response to this documentation. The artwork on show will include large-scale photos, two films and a series of drawings.

We have found that many art events (talks, exhibitions, residencies) are difficult or impossible to access with our children. For this reason Artists As Parents As Artistsis an event for both children and adults. Central to the event will be play and food. There will be a range of loose materials that can be rearranged, played with and used constructively by both children and adults during the event. There will also be a communal meal. Rather than devote a particular section of the event to discussion of the artwork, this will take place in amongst the other activities.



To finish off the residency I had an open studio afternoon; it provided a good focus for me to gather together and present the work that I had been making in the run up to the residency and during my time at the project space. It was particularly useful to meet up with Hugh again to show him the video piece I had been working on. Talking to Hugh and talking to Dominique from The Queen of Hungary has made me feel more positive about the video. It isn’t a finished, polished piece, but as a work made in 2 days it’s not bad! It has also opened up some thinking for me in relation to how to structure video works and using text and image together in this form. I have worked in video before but not for a while, and it is a format I want to explore more. So this has definitely been a good kick to get on with it!

I haven’t posted the video online because there are copyright issues related to the fact the footage isn’t mine and also I have ethical qualms about posting footage of people who are being touted as ‘benefit cheats’ even if that footage is already in the public domain. However I have posted the script for the video and some still images on my personal blog for the project:http://www.ameliacrouch.com/news/vulgar-errors/2013/06/05/outcomes/

Overall it has been a really valuable experience to spend time at The Queen of Hungary, it is a fantastic space for simply offering artists the chance to experiment. I am amazed with what I can achieve in a few days if I put my mind to it and that is definitely a lesson to take home!

Amelia Crouch



After the first 2 really good days at the project space, days 3 and 4 have been a bit more of a struggle. Maybe some people will come along to my open studio tomorrow and help me work things out!

My aim was to try and develop a short video piece using text from Thomas Browne and combining this with some footage I have downloaded from you tube.

The footage includes video of people who are purported to be benefit cheats (presumably filmed by spying neighbours), baby swallows, mouths open for food, and a video of a snake eating another snake.

When I project each separate bit of footage along with the text pieces in the space I like how they look, but making them into a single channel video piece is harder. My hope is that the Browne text will give an interesting reading to the footage and it not seem like a simplistic comparison of benefit cheats with snakes (for example), which is not my aim. The interesting thing about the footage of ‘benefit cheats’ is that they are just people walking around, shopping etc but it’s quite compelling to watch. I have excluded any videos where the people are doing ‘active’ things like dancing, karate etc or where horrible things happen such as someone falling off a mobility scooter and then getting up to walk.

So, I feel there is something interesting in the footage and in the words…but maybe they don’t work together. Or maybe it is just going to take a little bit longer. At the moment the text, which I will probably add as a voiceover, starts off okay (N.B. okay, not brilliant!) but then gradually disintegrates. I have pasted an extract below. I’m hoping for a brainwave overnight.

1. A solemn song to welcome in the swallow.

Though useless unto us,

and rather of molestation

we commonly refrain from killing Swallows

We esteem it unlucky to destroy them

These birds that were sacred unto houshold gods of the ancients,

and therefore were preserved,

and to the Rhodians, who had a solemn song to welcome in the swallow


Do not harbour Swallows in your Houses

Pythagoras enjoined

His advice notwithstanding, we do not contemn,

those who daily admit and cherish them.

For in his injunction a caution only is implied, do not entertain ungrateful and thankless persons,

Brazenly living off the labour of others
They fail to take responsibility for their own circumstances

Amelia Crouch



I stuck up the letters that I cut out yesterday for the phrase ‘Not to Harbour Swallows in our Houses.’ The result is quite visually busy – the texture on the letters is a manipulated image of some dead birds, although I don’t think you can tell this. I can’t decide if I like the busy-ness, and how it makes it take longer for the message to be read, or if this is distracting.

The letters are just cut out in cardboard and annoyingly kept falling off as double sided sticky tape and newly painted paint don’t bond well. So I resorted to using panel pins to help fix them too as I can’t bear the idea of going back tomorrow and them all being on the floor. So it will be an arse to uninstall, but I will worry about that on Thursday. I guess if I was going to show the work in an exhibition I would probably get cut vinyl lettering.

I spent quite a long time playing around with projecting images. It’s never dawned on me before how useful a projector can be for testing out works – location, scale etc – before actually installing them. I experimented with projecting various bits of film footage and text-animation that I have collected/created to see how this sits with the prints. I will work a bit more on editing time based stuff tomorrow. I have a TV, a projector, my laptop and a digital photo frame which I could use to show moving image. But I am not sure if I will make more of a show-reel of several short video/animations to be projected in sequence, or if I will locate them around the space , showing in different formats.

Amelia Crouch


VULGAR ERRORS RESIDENCY I spent my first full day at the Queen of Hungary yesterday and it’s a brilliant setting to work. I enjoyed looking out the window at the horses in the adjacent field who are my nearest company and have quite a calming effect. This and the lack of internet connection makes the place really conducive to slowing down, relaxing and experimenting with art work.
Yesterday I sat and planned for a while and then measured walls. I pinned up some of the print outs I had brought, combining quotes from Thomas Browne with quotes from newspapers. I painted a large red rectangle on one of the walls and cut out a lot of letters that I am going to stick to it. Today I am hoping to stick up the letters, draw another text work onto the wall and start doing some video editing.

Amelia Crouch