Well here I am late at night thinking about writing a blog again……..do I have enough time – do I use it as an excuse when artistic decisions get hard or does it clarify my thinking?

It is imposible to be totally honest on the blog. Should I put myself in that position?

Does that nullify the whole point of the thing?

Not my own work problems but working as I do – collaboratively, project driven…..it is the impossibility of discussing funding problems /difficulties with collaborators etc, during an ongoing project. Yet they affect the work. ones mood, the outcomes……..

Plainly this is not a difficulty for those studio artists for whom the blog is between themselves and their work.

Hmm……I will give it more thought….

Meanwhile I shall add my page of a collaborative printmakers book ‘Quattrodecim’ that 14 of us completed this month.

Because the ants are fun and I feel in need of a smile.