………….and back to Margate again last night for the Private View.

I got to Margate early to visit ‘Scotts’ – a huge warehouse of antiques and curios. I was hoping to ferret out a butterfly box, a display cabinet or anything that could be used as museum style installation furniture for my solo show next year. Nothing.

Still, I like a good ferret about – what my husband calls my truffle mode- nose down, tail up………..

Meeting up with people at the Private View was fun. The fourteen printmakers all know each other now and it’s good to catch up. When I go to art things I always find I come away with at least one new contact that I am excited about.

Last night I met a temporary installation artist who is planning to be involved in a project that I have also been asked to be join. I do hope the project comes off – talking with him was fascinating and inspiring and I would look forward to working with him.

So – it’s time to turn my attention back to my moths………………..after three weeks holiday abroad and immersing myself in the maps I feel quite distant and unattached to the moth work; it feels just like something that needs to be finished.

I have started so I will finish………. like work.

Tomorrow I will set it all out again and hope that my interest will return. It will be a struggle to get the facility to draw so small and intricate back again. Drawing like that but still having immediacy and sponteneity in the line seems to come from hours of practice. And I am out of practice.

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Back to Margate again today- to invigilate the gallery all day on my own.

Twenty five visitors, ten of which said ‘What did this place used to be? I love the wall/floor/ tiles……’

Its called the Pie Factory – Doh!

Sorry – reading my book for hours on end has made me feel like I’ve been on a long haul flight. Tetchy.

And no sales.

Two interesting photographers, a woman who puts art on melamine table mats and a sad couple who wished they had stayed in Bromley and never moved to the sea………such is the minutiae of Life.


Just back from the wilds of Margate. Exhibition all hung. Looks good. Really pleased with my monoprint map collages – they had some really nice comments – and I sold one to one of the other printmakers. I always think its such a compliment if an artist whose work you admire likes your work enough to buy it.

So – completely knackered- its been non stop getting them finished since we came back from holiday last week, but a warm glow. Made even warmer by a phone call as I left from my errant daughter in Malawi to say she is getting married.

Glass of wine with the sausage casserole tonight I think.


Back from three weeks going up the Irawaddy river in Burma. I have a head full of golden pagodas and buddhist chanting and I am finding it hard to get myself motivated again.

We got back on Thursday and I have made one piece of work per day since then for the Pie Factory exhibition- we hang tomorrow.The suitcases remain unpacked.

The works are a collages of 1930’s road maps and monoprints of netting and scrim and I am quietly pleased with them. The nets do seem to speak of fishing fleets long vanished and the maps repay close scrutiny.

I hope they hold up against the other work – I don’t regard myself as a printer and always feel a bit non purist with my monoprints………….

I still haven’t got to Sevenoaks to see my Collection Plate in the Beta exhibition. I have however read David Minton’s a-n review – which was very odd because now I feel as if I have seen it, which of course I haven’t.

David said there was a four leaf clover in the plate which had gone by his second visit. Exciting – nothing to do with me. Another friend told me she had fished around in her pockets and bag and found something to swop.

Great to know its working just as I hoped it would.