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Ok. I am sure you are all bored silly with me. I am.

So skip this bit and come back in six months and see if I am any less annoying.

This list is for me as I begin yet AGAIN……………

This is where I have got to.


All personal stuff sorted. Decks cleared.

I have the same lovely solo studio back again! Art Hub London; and a little money left by my Mum that means I can pay for it. I am very lucky.

I have handed over the day to day running of Sevenoaks Art Forum and will only do the newsletter for the next eight months.

I have signed on to a post-grad course. Unaccredited, so no academic pressure. Don’t feel I want any at the moment…..eight months , studio practice, crits, research group.


Studio – I have paid for the last three months and not yet collected the keys. Seemed just too much as collecting them would mean I had to produce work. Easier not to collect the keys.

College Course – feels exhilarating but also fearful of exposure as a total fake. Recognise the sensation from the early days of my BA. Starts in a fortnight.

Still producing good site specific/project work but am in need of a new body of work outside of that. Transfixed rabbit in headlights syndrome……….need to get out a pencil and start/draw, believing a conceptual thread will appear that I can follow..

Been an emotionally tiring year. Am deeply tired in my bones. Have to believe that working productivley will heal that.

Ok .