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Not been able to get here as its been a busy few days.

Friday I set off for the Saatchi Gallery where a new Art Fair called SRARTA had just opened.

I was on my way to see work by a load of my Kent art friends. It did feel a bit surreal.

So – in through the grand doors waving my smart black invite kindly gifted by a friend with drawings in the show.

Disappointingly same old, same old ….. but in a glorious venue. All the art market Art Fair plastic sculptures and highly polished photography, all the uber knowing rather arch work that populates such fairs. All at stunning prices and watched over by rather lovely gallerists happy to chat even though they know I don’t have £40,000 in my back pocket.

In between I have to say there were some fun bits – Nicky Assmann’s ‘Solaris’
[www.nickyassman.net ] wind up soap covered frames redolent of the 1960’s and someone’s concrete bear sculpture both of which I enjoyed.

Then there was a room of Storm Trooper helmets which was proving a great sucess. Maybe I am just jaded but it seemed to me to be a celebrity upmarket version of the painted elephants, cows and pengiuns that have littered our sreets – fun but hardly high art. Curated by Ben Moore Co-Curated by Emily Lennox ‘Art Wars: Turning The Dark Side Onto The Art Side.

One crystal covered helmet – an obvious riff on our Damian’s skull was just dissapointingly badly crafted – and seemed to me to say it all.

So – on to Pure’s stand – well, walls really. Lesley Samms who runs Pure Arts has worked tirelessly promoting Kent artists and it certainly seems to have arrived.Some great work, some red dots and a happy curator if looking somewhat shattered.

Then Saturday I felt the need to refresh my www.re-title.com website as The National Trust had asked for a website and my new one will be ages yet.

So – a happy day spent pruning text and images and re- writing my statement and reducing the number of uninteresting shows on the CV.

Does look and feel better but all those websites are annoying – this one as the text and image boxes can’t be moved or exchanged, nor can you use landscape where a portrait image box is offered.

Fine if everything on the page is the same subject. Not if it isn’t!

so – onward and upward.

Clearing the decks.