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Well I am in- slightly complicated by the fact that the packaging company on the same floor had an articulated lorry full of boxes from China using the same lift….

Plans chest and my lovely old shelves all in and full of art things. I inherited a metal shelving unit from the last occupant. Now housing all my strange stones and skulls and bones and oddities that I collect.

I also inherited a lovely wooden table with a drawer- painted white and plainly much used. So much nicer than Ikea to dream at..

The Art Hub artists studios are circled like the provebial wagons around the print studio full of presses and things I have no idea what they do. It was reassuringly full of people doing things in it today. It felt like a creative space – which is very precious, and I do feel very lucky to have it.

I am also now the happy recipient of a passcard to let me through the magic wall and onto the Thames path.

Courtesy of the Port of London Authority.

No studio is correct without at least two coffee mugs and two glasses………so the first friend to brave the environs of the studio [see images] will be rewarded with wine and and an inagural walk of discovery down the Thames path and then back for fish and chips in the caff.

[The studio is down the alleyway where the red truck is]

OK. Whose going to stop me working then?