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Well all the artists chosen, all the artists hung and all three of us co- curators are still talking to each other.

I think it looks really good, but then it’s partly my taste, I am part of the decision making and I too have sweated blood over the hang and bit my lip when one of us has got intransigent or bossy. I am quite sure I have said the wrong things too….

Our show has a subtly different feel from the well known exhibitions that Duncan Brannan the Kent Visual Arts Officer puts up in the same space. Ours is also a mixed media contemporary curated show, but with a slightly softer feel. Strange as Tension is quite an edgy concept. Women curators- or just that some of the pieces reference knitting, lace making, and stitching – but in very harsh uncompromising ways? Maybe it is the presence of the domestic that makes it feel so different.

It will be interesting to see what Duncan feels on Thursday.

Given that we were offered the opportunity just before Christmas and nothing much could happen until after New Year I think we have achieved miracles – a curated show of nine great artists.

Work ranges from Will Gould’s Earth Tower, Dawn Cole’s savagely beautiful solar prints through Alex J Wood’s playful sculpture that epitomises Tension, to Linda Simond’s insightful, colourful knitted take on our digital age.

PV on Thursday night and I hope for our artist’s sake we have had enough time to gather a room packed full of buzzy friends to the share wine and popcorn with.

Day off tomorrow – so to London to see the British Museum’s El Dorado gold exhibition……….

Not a single decision to be made.