The publicity for Light Night is now out and I’m quite pleased with the section about our exhibition : http://www.lightnightliverpool.co.uk/2012/the-spac…

I’ve spent the last few weeks being totally obsessive about the amount of houses I produce, but haven’t given a lot of thought about the layout of them. I do like the swirl pattern but I don’t think it really fits with the subject.

I took about 200 of them out of their boxes today and started playing around with different configurations. It was while I was doing this that I also thought about colour …. what if I set the houses out in colour sections?

But then I looked at the neatly packaged boxes and realised how much work it would take to unpack, sort and repack…. I just don’t physically have the time to do that. Maybe if all goes well with this exhibition, I can think about a different design for the next time it is shown?

Any suggestions welcome!