I have three lots of artwork on the go at the moment – all needed for the Liverpool Independents Biennial starting on 15 September and no end in sight for any of them : http://www.independentsbiennial.org/2012/05/04/registered-artist-wendy-williams/

So, while I’ve been spending all this time concentrating on the Independents, I haven’t applied for a single exhibition, done any open shows, thought about what comes after November…. or even kept up this blog!

It was very fortunate then that an exhibition I had bothered to chase up many months ago ( when I had the energy to fill in an application and think up a proposal!) came back to me, inviting me to exhibit.

I will be showing 3 of my ‘books’ ( and I use the term loosely!) at ‘Bound’ – an exhibition organised by the artist book collective and will be part of Divided we Fall, in Leeds.


So while I’m spending every free minute I have making these new installations ( which I will write about later ) I feel happy that with my work being installed in Leeds, people won’t think that I’ve actually fallen off the planet!