If I didn’t have dogs, I wouldn’t have moved an inch today. It’s hot and I feel completely lethargic. I suppose also I should be thankful for the day job, from which I’ve taken leave today. After walking the dogs this morning, I can sit, vegetating, knowing that even if I am incapable of doing anything today, I will still be paid.

Yesterday, I installed my work at the Williamson Art Gallery. I got home from work just before 7pm, and after feeding said animals and getting changed, I was at the gallery before 7.30pm. I was able to do this because there was a general meeting on there, which wasn’t due to end until 10pm. Despite the heat, the gallery had no air conditioning and I felt myself wilting after only a short time.

The plinths I’d been given, were badly scuffed and I did think about giving them a quick coat of paint, but 1) I couldn’t be bothered, and 2) it was a recycling exhibition – they will fit in as they are. ( more so reason 1 there)

The plinths weren’t actually big enough so it took longer than expected to try to fit all of the 100 pairs of shoes on. I wish I’d taken a ‘helper’, but I didn’t think I’d need to. I’d chosen to go in the evening because I thought it would be nice to have today not doing anything, but of course because of that, there were only security staff around last night, who couldn’t help.

After two hours, I left…….. completely drained of energy and thinking I am NEVER doing another installation!