This week has very much been a visiting exhibitions week.

On my last day off (Wednesday) I walked up the steep hill to the Bridewell to see ‘Searching: Unexpected Treasures’: http://culture.org.uk/2014/09/searching-unexpected-treasures-exhibition/

I missed the PV last week, but to be honest, I much prefer to see an exhibition when it’s quiet.  Although I do say it myself (I have a book in it – shown on the exhibition poster) it really is a stunning exhibition. It was one of those rare occasions when I’ve been in a group show and thought, ‘Yes – I’m really pleased to be part of this one’. The other artists had not only produced good work, but had ‘track records’, so it felt like all were specially picked .  The curation was excellent.

I had other things to do that day, so I mainly worked at home, rather than going to the studio.  I’ve got a few things brewing in my head that I wanted to try to work out on paper before I started the work.  If the idea works out though, they will definitely be studio pieces, as they will be kind of large.

Anyway…back to work Thursday and after work last night I went up to see a whopping THREE opening nights.

First was the John Moore’s prize winner announcement at the Walker art gallery. I hadn’t even seen the exhibition before last night, so when a friend said she had tickets for the opening, I jumped at the chance.  Having not seen round before, I didn’t have a winner in my head, but I’d already heard that Rose Wylie was the favourite. I liked her work, but would need a second visit to compare it with others.

Still, I do like the idea that an older woman was a winner.  I’ve getting a bit sick of the ‘under 30 age restriction’ thing on these ‘Open’ exhibitions ;-/

Next stop was the New Contemporaries at the World museum. A really unusual place to show the exhibition (in that as far as I know, they don’t usually show ‘Art’ exhibitions)  but I thought it worked much better than in 2012 when the NC was held in the old post office building.

I think its great that the Biennial find these old, disused venues, but I couldn’t remember a single work from last time as I was so distracted by the building.

Yes, in my opinion, a very good exhibition – well worth seeing.

Funnily enough, the visitors to the two exhibitions seemed to be a ‘who’s who’ in the local art world. As I said, I can’t be bothered with all this networking nonsense, so it was quite funny to see so many people I knew, just sort of hanging round as it were  :-)

Lastly, it was over to the Central Library to see the work of Japanese artist Aiko Miyanaga: http://www.artinliverpool.com/?p=51028

Again, it was another exhibition I hadn’t seen before, so I don’t know how it would have looked in the daytime.  In this special evening event though, with the lights turned down, the work looked absolutely stunning.

Seeing the three very impressive exhibitions has put my faith back in the art world after a disappointing run round the Biennial last month.

VERY tired in work today though….. :-(


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