It took a long time to adapt, but I’m getting more and more into the studio routine now.

I’m finding that even if I only spend 3 ½ hours in the studio, its 3 ½ hours of solid work – more than twice as much as I would achieve at home.  Not having the distractions helps enormously.

It is starting to get bitterly cold in there now though, so it would be hard to spend all day working.  There is heating, but that’s additional to the studio rent, so we’re all trying to last out as long as possible.

I’ve been thinking a lot about housing and its insecurities in my work recently. It’s on the news, it’s around people I know….  it’s a worry to many.  The title of  ‘While I move away’  (see image above) was taken from the Killers song, I don’t know if they intended the lyrics to be read in the way I saw them, but I thought they were quite poignant.

‘ Last time I said I was in control
I had 25 debts and we both know
When you come back now, you’ll see my face
I said 25 debts and we both pray

While I move away, hard times don’t come until tomorrow
These eyes don’t see, take your skin off when you’re listen to me
Move away, hard times don’t come until….’

Although my work is predominately about the life cycle of materials, I do keep jumping back to this security of housing for some reason. Not just the financial aspect of it all, but the seemingly increased environmental threat.

I like the idea of a’ safe house’ and I’m exploring the ideas of either being able to shift housing easily to another location OR to make it part of the environment.

I’m having a few wooden houses made for me (as mentioned in my last blog) but am also making smaller ones myself from reused card and paper.

I’m not working towards any exhibition at the moment, but hoping to have something completed for our open studio weekend (dates to be decided – but hopefully it’ll be next month)

I’ve set up a facebook page about the studio in preparation: