Feel like things have been playing on fast forward lately, with preparations for our Light Night Liverpool display taking over my life.

Using ideas learnt from the Swedish exhibition – we let it flow, develop and had no real rules. Despite it feeling slightly chaotic at first, it went amazingly well.

We weren’t even 100% sure which artists would be in the exhibition, certain though that several would be put off by the ‘you have to find a space and be there to hang it yourself’ only rule. There were no free walls to fix work to, the work had to blend in with Tate Liverpool’s foyer, shop and café.

Granted there were a couple of artists who can’t break away from the ‘I paint pictures and that’s what I’m going to do regardless’ train of thought, but others were amazing – creating books, toys or part of the furnishings.

The idea then, was that the public try to find them.

The response was huge.

It was really fabulous to see so many people with their treasure maps grasped tightly in hand, searching the building looking for our work – which was in fact clearly on display but blending in so well, it was quite hard to see.

I would say that the work was looked at more in depth than it would be if it were in a ‘traditional’ exhibition.  Putting photos of the work on facebook later on, received well over 500 hits. Massively different than our last ones.

Lessons truly learnt!

Image is of my work…. bit hard to hide with it being in a big case, but it was shoved behind a settee.

Other work can be seen on our facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Soup-Collective/210185756241