As if by magic, another invite to exhibit has just appeared.  It’s almost as if when you decide to firmly close one door (in my case, applying for opens etc.) several others open.

The first happens in London at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancreas London in just a few weeks.   It’s really too short notice to get new work together – though believe me I tried!   I had to think of the practicalities of getting the work there as I I’m not off work when the exhibition is installed, which really limits what I can show.

I did panic for a bit, trying to make something that was light enough to post, and also consider the added problem that, because the gallery is a crypt, you can’t screw into the walls.

So yet again, I’ve looked back at my older work to see what I can adapt to fit the exhibition criteria.

I used to feel like this was cheating – showing older work again, but it’s being realistic.  I have limitations with my time and I have to work with that, not fight it.

It’s kind of nice though to go back to work that I hadn’t completed. Its looking at it with fresh eyes and adding more recent ideas to it.

I sent an image of the work down and it was accepted, so everything – including the fact that I caught the end of the virgin sale for train tickets to London to visit it, has worked out well.

Sheffield exhibition is still on for another week….AND we got a little review of our Light Night exhibition, back in May.


Can’t actually see whats in the box in this image, but that’s intentional :)