Despite sending my work down to London for the exhibition, 1st class and recorded, early Wednesday morning, it still hadn’t arrived by this morning (Friday)

Considering I spend a large amount of my work time with Art Handlers and couriers,  my efforts to not only package up the work (two hours to figure out how to wrap an eggshell and make the package as small as possible) and send it via the post office, rather than a courier service, makes it all sound a bit pathetic.

At least I didn’t wait til Saturday as originally planned. That gives me a few extra days.

Other news…….I received a renewal notice from Axisweb the other day, which I ignored. Well, ignored in that I didn’t respond… I actually thought about it a lot.

Did I honestly, really, need to renew it?

Maybe its worked well for others, I’m not knocking it, they do post LOADS of opportunities, but realistically – as I’m not applying for anything,  I’m just paying £30 for a status. I was one of the ‘Five to Watch’ last summer, but nothing at all has come from it.  I get more hits on my website through using social media to be honest.

Looking ahead, a few of us have got to together to show work in a theatre in the new year. Its  6 months ahead, so with the London exhibition as well, that’s more than enough ‘opportunities’ to keep me going for a while.

Late morning update: Package received and signed for. Phew!