I need to go to the studio….now that my head is finally full of ideas again. I have the ideas, the motivation, the resources….I just don’t have the time :-(

I decided to use my day off on Wednesday to visit my friend Tara in Wolverhampton and while there, call in to see Elena Thomas’s exhibition in Dudley.

Although really tiring, it was a lovely day out.  I find there’s nothing better and more relaxing than sitting in a train,  gazing at miles and miles of open fields with their cows and sheep ambling along, in no hurry to do anything. What a life.

The gentle rocking and the glare from the sun, gave me that ‘just before dropping off to sleep’ feeling, when scenarios of the day are played out before turning into dreams. Only on this occasion, my thoughts turned to snippets of artists conversations…The recent Glenn Ligon talk I’d attended at Tate Liverpool or the Anthony Gormley talk at St Georges hall…the research I’d done on Pollock – the moments when he decided to change direction in his work…

It was the thinking time I hadn’t been getting.

Although I’m next off on Monday, I’ll be in London most of the day. I want to catch up on a few exhibitions before attending the PV at the Crypt Gallery, where I have some work.

Tuesday though, will finally be ‘my’ day.