I’m coming to the end of the first week off from work and although it seems to have taken a while, I’m really starting to settle down and relax.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have spent most of yesterday watching TV and reading, but  it was cold and wet, I’d taken the dogs for an hour long walk and the week had been busy.

I’d been told by another artist that we all need that ‘thinking time’, and I agree.

On Wednesday afternoon, I stood outside Liverpool’s Lime Street Station with a crowd of others to watch the big screen opposite. It was the first of a ‘series of interruptions that urge the public to stop and ponder questions surrounding consumption, money, value and exchange’.


It was a really interesting project and it was funny to see the reactions of people leaving the station. Why are all of these people here? What are you looking at ?? 

Although I’ve really enjoyed the freedom to do so much these last few days, every event has made me question so many things…

On Tuesday, I went to a LAN meeting (Liverpool artists Network ) I didn’t witness any networking, but then,  I’m guilty of that too as I’d met up with a couple of artist friends there and we were deep in conversation about plans to participate in the Athens art fair.  We were going to invite others, but they misunderstood the nature of this fair – thinking it was a commercial venture, when in fact it is an artist’s platform. We’ll go it alone.

We gained so much from the Stockholm one – SUPERMARKET in 2012, it was so worth doing.

But anyway, here’s a review of the meeting http://www.artinliverpool.com/review-liverpool-artists-network/

So while waiting to meet up I strolled into Paperchase to look at the sale.  I picked up several items as I would normally, then had to stop myself. I’d decided to live solely off my workshop earnings this week to see how things are if I don’t work full time.  A measly amount, but I wanted to get into the right frame of mind. I put the items back and walked out. That was depressing. I hadn’t realised that I had gottten so used to buying myself so many treats.

I’ve loved the time I’ve had this week – the time to see people, to attend meetings, see artworks and go to PVs (The Bluecoat tonight) But I’ve not liked the lack of money.  How do other artists manage?


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