A few weeks ago, I wrote a brief blog about meeting another artist by chance and how we connected through our Instagram accounts.

This week, I’ve made another connection….

It was while searching the Art Athena  website  (http://www.art-athina.gr/parallel-programme-2015/platforms-project-art-athina-2015/  ) for ideas on what work we could take, I started looking into what other UK groups had taken part in the past. There were hardly any to be honest, but I instantly made a connection with one group – Harrington Mill Studios, based in Nottingham  http://www.harringtonmillstudios.co.uk/  Although our group consists of members from several studio groups and theirs is just them, we do have a lot of similarities.   I wrote to them.

I found out that they too had taken part in SUPERMARKET Stockholm, but not the same time as we had. They too had made many connections through the experience.

Like us, they had to take work in suitcases and, well, I don’t know about them, but we certainly felt ‘poor’ compared to the artists who were able to ship massive paintings and sculptures.

They were well ahead of us with getting the work together and booking flights and accommodation etc. We’re still stuck on ‘Where are we going to get the money from?’

We paid for the booth by the skin of our teeth – having initially thought we’d raised enough through the auction of art works, we had unexpected costs – one being a £20 fee for transferring the money internationally.

I looked into arts council funding again. I hadn’t applied for anything since successfully securing funding for Stockholm 4 years ago, so I surprised to find that it now takes 5 days just to validate my name. Seriously??? 

While wasting 5 days. I’m looking onto crowdfunding again. ..

Apart from that, I’ve had a week of online interviews (look out for Instagram on Monday for one of them !!)  as well as preparations for Threshold.

That is getting scarily close and I’m still nowhere near ready .  I need time off again :-(