Well, so much for blogging more regularly….

I wrote my last blog post full of excitement about exhibiting in the group show and I wanted to continue being upbeat about the Biennial, the independents and of course our exhibition ( as it was a good exhibition and all that ) …. but…. yes, there’s always a but.

How much can you physically do?  Or maybe more to the point  – How much can I do? Well clearly I overestimated.

I more or less hung the first exhibition in the market on my own. That wasn’t actually too bad, as it was a small space and didn’t take a lot of work.

Then, when that exhibition ended,  I carried the work from the market to the former George Henry Lees building across the road ( again, On my own)  As it was pedestrianised area, there was no option but to physically carry it.   As the space was bigger, there was now more work …and some of it was bloody heavy.

So to cut a long story short and one that would probably contain numerous expletives, somewhere in that journey, I pulled a muscle in my leg which has been excruciatingly painful and  which, 3 months later still hasn’t healed properly.

I have been absolutely fed up…. I had that ‘Why am I doing this? ‘ moment …again… I felt like I didn’t want to exhibit again, didn’t want to work or even look at my studio. What is the point of all that work, paying out and not having any time ??

If it hadn’t happened, I probably would have got more bogged down. I really needed to step back, socialise and get away.

So that’s basically  why anyone who is following me on social media, Instagram etc has only been seeing pictures of my days out and none of my work.

It has been an incredibly good year for me, but …..I need to pace myself in future.