Although I did send in a proposal for something recently ( which I don’t think I got as I haven’t heard anything back) I think I’m going to have to put a hold on applying for stuff for a bit, so that I can catch up with work.

Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day delivering work to one exhibition and then picking up work from another.  All in all, I travelled around 100 miles, but that also included a visit to ‘The Manchester Contemporary’. It wasn’t on the plan, but as I was in that area anyway, I thought I might as well make the most of being out, rather than use up another day.

I wasn’t even going to apply for the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival ( yesterday’s delivery)  It was very last minute (last hour in fact) and then it was only because I panicked over not applying for anything all summer. It’s a decent exhibition considering it’s an open, but last year when I had work in, a child squashed the paper house I exhibited. (a-n’s Susan Jones helped me considerably over claiming compensation for this) I suppose then, it was also a bit like getting back on the horse, rather than saying ‘Never Again’.  But it’s done and delivered now…and yes, it’s another paper house :/

After popping in to see the Manchester Contemporary. Really good – though I hid behind a false wall to take a photo of Bill Drummond. He was inviting people to be interviewed by him. I couldn’t do it.  What if he asked me an intellectual question like what day is it or something?  I wouldn’t have a clue. My head is mush with not resting it :-(

After that, it was over to Macclesfield to finally pick up my paper boots from the Barnaby Festival. I had arranged with Crown bedrooms ( where they were shown) to store them for me until I had the time to go across. I was so thankful that they had the patience  (and space!) to keep them for a while.  It’s good to have them back.

So today, I’m hoping to spend a few hours back in the studio. I was there on Monday and feel like I’m on a bit of a roll (finally!) with ideas. I had months and months of nothing coming at all, which was really worrying. I think it helped to go out to see some exhibitions though – it triggered the small spark of ideas that were there subconsciously.

I know my studio visits aren’t as frequent as I’d hoped, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been working. I’m lucky enough to work with art handlers who are the experts in installing, and I went to them in the week for advice. Between us, we were able to figure out some stands/supports I need for this recent work.  Next week though I think I will be cheeky and ask if they will actually make them if I pay them. It might as well be done properly!

So tired today with all the walking and travelling I did yesterday.  Oh to have a gallery represent me so I don’t have to do all this running around