I’ve started to think about all sorts of possibilities that could open up with having a studio.  Instead of it just being a space that could lie empty 5 days a week while I’m working, there are options to use it for exchange, collaboration, display…

My mind was racing last night as I explored the things that can be done, rather than those that can’t.

My group SCI, now actually has an address for a start.  This only occurred to me as I was printing off a pile of potential opportunities I could chase up. Hmmm… this opens up a whole new ball game.

I’m not moving in till the end of the month as I need to get two exhibitions out of the way first and free up some time.  We are touring a mini version of our NY exhibition to Arena Gallery for their Biennial exhibition :    http://arenastudiosandgallery.com/2014/07/01/whats-next-for-arenas-biennial-programme/  followed by my other group ‘Soup Collective’s ‘ (SC) exhibition at Tate Liverpool.  I’m trying to get through both without taking leave, so its going to be a trying few weeks.

They do say that everything leads to other things though, so  I am feeling a lot more positive now :-)