I could have put more tags in there….  I was trying to list all of the things that have happened in the last 10 days or so, but I think we’re only allowed 10 or something.

I’d have more than that.

Where to start then? The first thing I did or the most recent?  Hmmm

OK, I’ll go back to a week last Friday – I went on a coach trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Weather-wise, it was the worst day ever, but it didn’t stop us walking the entire length of it.

For all of the ‘Paper artists’ in the group, the highlight was meant to be Rob Ryan, but I much preferred the Caro – it was worth the long walk in the pouring rain.

Rather than getting the bus back to the main site, I plodded on – not wanting to miss the Andy Goldsworthy or the David Nash. There was just too much to see before having to get back on the  coach for the journey home. I’ll have to go back.

Work has virtually flown by, as my head has been buzzing with so many ideas, but I didn’t feel quite alert and ready enough for a list of questions fired at me for our guest bloggers post on the group website :  https://sciartistprojects.wordpress.com/2015/08/18/resized/  But anyway…

Next was a response to my email I’d sent to the curator at The Williamson . With my friend Debra Eck coming over from NY to teach bookbinding at the Sheffield book prize in October, I wanted to see if my local gallery would display a small cabinet of books in the foyer – or any small space really, I wasn’t fussed.

Turns out, they’d seen our light night pop up exhibition at the Tate back in May, where we ‘hid’ artworks so that the public could find them. They loved that idea and wanted to do the same at The Williamson.

Soo… Saturday saw a meeting at the gallery, with a walk through pointing out areas I could use  … the realisation that I would need a few more artists now… a phone chat with Louise Atkinson (who has set up many book exhibitions) asking if she could recommend one or two artists… which lead to her asking me to put my books in her exhibition in Staithes next month  AND a quick tutorial on putting an opportunity on her ‘Curator Space’ site.. http://www.curatorspace.com/opportunities/detail/doesnt-look-like-a-book/352     ….sifting through submissions (already!!) from artists who just didn’t read the brief… then Saturday was over.

In the words of one of the conservators I was chatting to, when they were installing ‘Venus of the Rags’ in Tate, ‘Our lives are not really normal, are they?’




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