Not really.

I’m away from the day job today and spent it slowly going through the ‘to do list’ before going back to work again tomorrow .

I really wanted to see some of the Biennial and Independents exhibitions in Liverpool as there’s so much on. I have seen some of it, but really only the tip of the iceberg. The problem is, everyone is working really hard to get their work out there and be a part of it, there’s no time to actually visit :-(

But that will have to wait.  I had a list and only one day to do it all.

First was packaging and posting off my work to Sweden.  Yes, recycling older work again, but its either that or struggle to finish new work .  I like it though and it fits with the theme.

We (a few members of my group SCI)  were asked to fill boxes for a shop window display in Enkoping.  Did I say already in an earlier blog how we know the Swedish group?  Can’t remember. OK, to recap , we met them when they (ArtMobile) were in the booth next to us at Supermarket (the art fair) in Stockholm a few years ago. We’ve been in a few exhibitions with them – they hosted a couple there, we hosted a couple here.   Anyway….A lot of  this exhibition briefing was slightly lost in translation, but I hope what I’m sending is what they want.

Exhibition opens 2 August.

After the post office, I headed to the studio to give my wooden house (mentioned in my last blog) another coat of varnish. I  don’t think I’ve done an outside work before, so this all new to me.  I think it should be OK though.   I’ve prepared and painted my own windows in the house and they haven’t rotted yet, so  hopefully this will also stand up to the weather.

I’ll deliver that on Saturday for the festival : http://notjustcollective.weebly.com/newsblog/july-11th-2018

I have to decide now whether to carry on preparing for other exhibitions or clean the house.  I can see a really thick layer of dust on the TV stand so perhaps that will win.

Its a reluctant choice.