the response from the exhibition submission was:


“We received a high level of interest in this and a large number of proposals. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate your work in the exhibition as we do not feel that this event is the right context for your work at this time.”

i see this as a success.

dreams of world heritage site now…


i’ve submitted to an exhibition today. first time in a long time that i’ve done this and i have had fun doing it.

i’ve engaged my alter wordsmith being to big up my very simple idea, and applied to a grand construct of an exhibition, to see how far i can get.

there is good critical underpinning within my proposal, i can talk about it at depth, should the need arise, of course, it’s part of my development, so there are factors within the work of recent experience and past moments of my practice.

i am annoyed with the organisers of the exhibition who have seemingly done us all a favour making space available to use for our biggest ideas yet, and have made no provision to make funds available for these activities to take place. my proposal is intentionally install in a day, yet covers a large area, and is intentionally edgy, again to see if inclusion occurs.

in applying i am attempting to see how far i can get within the safe, mediated sphere that has “art” at it’s centre. i’ve been outside of it for some months now, so am keen to see what it’s like on the inside of the sphere….

…(and yes, it’s not representational of the whole sphere….i know……)