17th august 2011 i blogged about a rejection of an exhibition proposal.

a year later, that same proposal recieves this email

“Hi Andrew

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but time has not been on my side this year!!

I’m really intrigued by your application and wondered if it might be best to meet up on site one day so you could have a look around.

Your Proposal 1 – alignment: a box of rejection, sounds very interested but would you have the time now to put something like this together? “

it appears that the application from last year remained on the system and became a submission again this year.

i told a friend about it. her remark was

“shows just how subjective it all is “

(after speaking with the chap, he sounded interested but never got back to me. i’ve been acheived being not accepted twice with the same proposal. something somewhere is telling me something)