when i remembered the darts scorer programme made when i were a teenager i smiled. remembering that small amount of work gave me an incite into part of me i’d forgotten. i can remember the sense of achievement when i managed to get the four players scores displaying in the four quadrants of the screen. i can remember the smugness of getting ” you require ” along with the score printed from the 170 and below point. it might of even added the player’s name.

an unexpected outcome of making “when i” is that i found myself realising about the making of non aesthetic work. this is relevant to the practice prior to the degree. i was involved in producing things yet my role was non aesthetic based. the practice is now shifted to my own aesthetic and through possible futures i am at times unsure what that is.

i’ve made “when i” very quickly and this is providing me with a satisfying feeling of completion.

i’m also aware that the making of something where the base concept is known and understood is really much simpler and easier than when the base concept is being defined at the same time as the making of it in response to the concept. (there seems to be a loop there.)

in finishing “when i ” i see that the files are only available for signed in members of the forum. when i noticed this i liked it as it seemed to speak about the teenage condition.

in completing it i’m communicating my use of the application. i’m also communicating an awareness of non aesthetic, non emotional work that is about solving of problems. in my notes i wrote

” i continue to work to rid the programme of the an annoying thing that does not behave as i want it to. i guess one would call this a bug. the bug is a non emotional bug but does produce in me an annoyance at the actions that it produces. by ridding myself of the bug, the process will flow as i wish it to. to rid the programme of the bug, i will at first deconstruct what the action is…

by having a bug to fix i’ve done something i’d not done before to fix it. the end goal remained constant so there was good reason to keep working to find a solution. i found a solution and am still working to iron out all the little things to make it work seamlessly. there are some issues of aesthetics that in my thinking are things pointed out by “others” represented in my conscious thoughts. “

i also wrote

“this process of programming is very insular. very centric to a small world. littlest details become really important that in the wider/bigger scheme of things are really small.”