inbetween monthly expenses and mashing potatoes i’ve managed to do so more research and post walking the dog (i have a much better understanding of what it must be like for the older citezens when it gets cold now) have posted a daily outcome on facebook again.

i am getting quite into it !

for today’s outcome i started from stratch to assess some of the already done.

i feel i have a place that i want to get to and at the moment i’m quite a way off it. my only guide to that place is my own sense of excitement about what i hear.

it feels playful and non precious so all is good.


i think i’ve taken on board the keep making advice.

i’m going to make use of the facilites and post a video of the day’s outcome, knowing full wel that i’ll not be able to do so every day. realities are not to be denied (note to self)

this video had moved on from yesterday’s outcome, i’m still a long way off where i want to be with this, however we are at a very early stage.

the sonics are not as i want them to be yet, this example is a little frantic and unrefined, again to be expected at this stage of the progression.

i’ve also enjoyed participatin on other blogs lately. it’s something i’ve been put off from doing for a long time, the adsense has allowed me to forget why i put myself off doing it.

interestign comments of late about linked in. it has been reassurring to read the comments and i will try to follow the advice.

from today’s playings with sonic stuff.