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I’ve been making these little things.

I made some of them years ago, though they weren’t pink then, and they didn’t really seem to be anything and so they got put in a box labelled “CURIOSITIES” along with some latex pods, some perfectly circular discs cut from laurel leaves, a duck’s bill I found on a walk and some wax casts of the inner cavities of peppers.

But now all of a sudden they seem to be something, so I have been making more of them – this time in that unique shade I call “plastic pink”, and I’ve further enhanced their plastic-ness with a coat of super-glossy varnish. I’m not sure yet whether the super-glossy finish enhances the skin prints on their surface (an essential feature) or masks them.

What I am sure of is that the varnish isn’t drying properly – in fact it seems to be getting stickier! They’re sticking to my fingers like sticky sweets.

On another (related) note, I’m very excited to have nearly finalised plans for the workshops and events for my Once in a Universe GFA application. THE most exciting development this week is that a very special person has agreed to give a talk at my proposed launch event – geologist and Emeritus Keeper of Natural Sciences at The Booth Museum, Brighton, John Cooper! Can’t wait for that.