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Brexit and the arts: uncertainty and confusion remain as leave date looms

The recent Brexit Conference organised by the Creative Industries Federation gathered together Leavers and Remainers, political journalists and politicians, and a wide range of delegates working in the arts and culture, in an attempt to make sense of what Brexit will mean to the sector. Dany Louise reports.

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a-n launches five-year Valuing Artists strategy

The new strategy will tackle the growing challenges artists face in sustaining their careers, with a fundamental aim of ensuring policy makers and commissioners value the artist as well as the art.

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Sainsbury’s ‘opportunity’: ludicrous, misguided and all too common

A recent advert by Sainsbury’s in Camden asked for an artist to ‘volunteer their skills’ to refurbish the branch’s staff canteen, with the resulting social media storm prompting press articles and an apology from the supermarket. a-n Executive Director Jeanie Scott considers what the incident says about the barriers and misconceptions artists face.

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Creatives for Europe launch at House of Lords

Creatives for Europe, a coalition of organisations, trade unions and representative bodies from the arts and creative industries, launched last week with a panel discussion at the House of Lords. Pippa Koszerek reports.

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