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Artists work in 2016

The latest in a series of papers commissioned by a-n, providing detailed data on the amount, context and nature of employment for visual artists.

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Saints preserve us: Ferens Art Gallery and why culture should be funded as an asset, not a burden

Ferens Art Gallery in Hull has reopened after a £5.2 million refurbishment largely funded by Hull City Council. But while the local authority should be commended for its commitment to culture, Sheila McGregor argues that the blame for council cuts in towns and cities across the UK needs to be forcefully directed at Westminster politicians rather than hapless local representatives.

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In Brief: other news this week

A weekly briefing featuring national and international art news, including: Anish Kapoor banned from using world’s most glittery glitter, the second ACE diversity report, and Gdansk community mural cut up and put on sale by British art dealer.

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Resisting gentrification: why we should fight hard to protect affordable creative spaces

Newcastle-based artist Kathryn Hodgkinson believes that the city council’s planning decisions are having a detrimental effect on the area’s creative community. In the wake of the recent decision to demolish the creative space Uptin House to make way for ‘yet another block of student flats’, she argues that local authorities need to embrace the true value of artists.

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