while i write this post the team at the silk mill are viewing a first draft of the film, i expect them to have a lot of feedback and reaction.

preparing a draft has been really helpful this week to get me through the difficult period of deciding upon sizes and compression settings for the content within the film.  there is still some work to do as i can see how some files need some extra compression before importing.

overall i’m pleased with how the content looks in the browser.

the next thing to consider – well apart from the edits that still need to be done – are the keywords to link content.   i’m asking myself questions about how playful i want to be with how the content will link.  as a non narrative film can i in fact play with the liner nature of the walk around the silk mill museum.  will this actually make the film more interesting both for those who know the building and those who don’t.

i’ve arrived at a title sequence that feels good.  it needs some tweaking and refining as the initial visual rhythm is quickly upset.  i still struggle to spell rhythm.

during the week i’ve become a little concerned that the footage is  a bit too ‘walky’.  if the team come back with this as a comment that is one that needs to be considered i have had some thoughts around how to fix the problem in the edit.

at the mill there is still quite  a vibe surrounding the model railway footage.  i think there might be a request for some of it to appear on you tube or some other site.

i have enough footage to fill the structure of the film.  i feel excited about the days to come as i find slots of time to combine and edit the files.