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i’m excited.

lately it has been feeling that my world is making sense to me.

through the aa2a scheme i have looked at some books from the ntu library. books about database narrative. what i didn’t expect to find was discussion of collaboration. what i didn’t expect to find was two distinctively different forms of collaboration so neatly described.

now armed with more vocabulary around collaboration, i am finding it easier to assess what new opportunities are offering me, as i am able to understand the opportunties far better.

consequently i am excited about updating my website, that i’m describing as practice notes, as i’m now not offering a finished thing but an evolving portal into what i’m doing and thinking.

as i’m more centred in my own practice, the orbiting collaborations are making sense and going somewhere too.

i find myself in sweetshop mode. so excited i’m not sure what to do first. i know, i’ll sit and reflect and then go for a walk…