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I feel like I’m talking and no one is listening.

I send thoughts, words and work out into the world to little response or reaction.

Do I have anything to say others wish to hear?

Perhaps this is an inevitable August slump when little happens and the art world winds down on its annual holiday? Could I have been too distracted recently with the effort of being a Director of Making Art Work pushing my own practice into second place? I might be suffering some sort of post-MA crisis as the next lot of art students graduate and the annual anniversary of finishing my course looms? Almost certainly my approach needs re-thinking and more patience to suck it up and keep on trying?

Being an artist is a lonely game. I’m aware I’m not the first to say this, but as I write I’m sitting in my office typing away alone as usual. God this sounds pathetic, but perhaps acknowledging the issue will trigger a step forward?

I’m aware of getting too caught up in my own head space. If few are listening this feels beyond my control – I cannot force it to happen – so perhaps I should stop worrying and concentrate on uncovering a solution that works better for me? I feel a bit better even as I post this; the issue needs confronting in a similar way that the image I’ve attached seems to challenge one as she looks out of the page!