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Here’s one of my framed stills from Project Survey in the Zeitgeist Summer Exhibition 2015 (see top left). I like the landscapes themselves but the frames are wrong – too heavy, too strident. They need to be narrower width wise but deeper front to back – more box / object-like.

I’m having the usual internal tussle about frame colour. Black’s perhaps more traditional and gives clean lines but it draws too much attention to itself. The work’s not about the frame – it almost needs to be invisible – which makes me think white may be a better option.

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but obvious approach is to look at 2 past works:

I’m right, the white frame pushes focus onto the image but I don’t like it – the whole thing looks to wishy-washy.

However the 20mm black frame looks carefully considered. The extra distance between the dark frame and the print allows the image to breathe more fully. Not sure about the pale wood element but this was a practical necessity at the time that could be overcome another way.