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A small drawing

Margate Creatives. 2010s (silverpoint on gesso, 20.7cm x 14.2cm) is one of an ongoing series of small metalpoint drawings of people in costume, or uniform, with a connection to the sea side town of Margate.  It’s part of a long […]

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Uptin House, Ouseburn, Newcastle
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Resisting gentrification: why we should fight hard to protect affordable creative spaces

Newcastle-based artist Kathryn Hodgkinson believes that the city council’s planning decisions are having a detrimental effect on the area’s creative community. In the wake of the recent decision to demolish the creative space Uptin House to make way for ‘yet another block of student flats’, she argues that local authorities need to embrace the true value of artists.

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The Brixton Exchange 2

A one-day event led by artists group Anchor & Magnet using creative workshops to discuss and debate heritage, regeneration and loss in the city, that took place on 23rd April 2016. Review written by Oliver Carter. Photographs by Katarzyna Perlak.

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