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what will the world make of it ?  i posed this question at the end of my last post.  in working towards completing the k film based on the silk mill museum, i’ve found myself asking of myself … what do you make of it?

i’ve had to take a step back and reflect upon what i’m doing.  i see i’ve been doing literal things.  i’m making a non linear film yet all of my connecting of the units have been based on the physical linear rule of the building itself.  is this what i set out to do ?

in part yes it was because this is how i filmed in the mill.

however i now see the need to move beyond the physical rules of the space and consider the nature of the spacial material of the footage i have.

this film is somewhat experimental into what is a non linear film? what does that concept mean to me now with the footage from the mill? and is the concept behind how i’ve filmed actually a  blueprint for other films?

in my stepped back position i have to consider where i am within the editing and k film building process so i can use this as a starting point for the next version of the film…  version two point zero.

in 2.0 i feel i need to consider the connections between the building and itself.

in the museum on a day to day basis, the collections are the starting points for new narratives.  i see this with the museum in miniature we take onto wards of the london road community hospital in derby.

what i need to do is make my non linear film of the silk mill more interesting than version 1.8, the version i got to before realising that it needed to evolve.

i have spent a couple of days feeling daunted by the thought of v2.0 because of the scale i think the task in hand is.  v2.0 is what i need to do and do it i will.

in summary…  i’ve thought …. felt  …… and now it’s time to do.