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i am very happy to write this update about the film project.   for those of you new to the blog, let me give you some background.

i have a commission from derby silk mill museum to make a non linear film using footage i shot in november last year in and around the museum.  by mid december i’d managed to get the film to a point at which it was working technically yet it was oh so dull.  i really wasn’t exploring what non linear film meant.  my response was to use where i had got to as a basis for version 2.0.

cutting a long storey short, yesterday i received word about a technical issue with the application i’m using to create the film.   the application is called korsakow.  it’s been available to play with and experiment with for sometime.  i have a few past projects made with it.  those are based on flash, a technology that is slowly being superceded by html5 from necessity because mobile devices and tablets are not natively compatible with flash.  the version of korsakow i’m using was released in october last year and is natively html5.

the upshot today is i’ve been able to get back to making the film.

the technical issue was actually a series of misunderstandings that was resolved very quickly.

picking up the film wasn’t as difficult as i first thought.  i’d left the process at a stage where files had been exported from the editor and sat ready to be compressed and imported into korsakow.

i did this while ignoring the niggly feeling about the overall film.

now some hours later i understand what that niggle was.  it was originated from the very nature of the non linear film ie ….

i need to take a moment here to try to explain the feeling.

using the last documentation film i made as a reference … with that i knew what the film needed to be like because it was governed by the performance that was filmed.  i merely had to make editorial decisions about the flow of the film.

with the non linear film, there is no linear governance and it hit me hard before starting today that i had no plan.  a plan in a linear sense.

korsakow by the nature of itself sets a framework … a non linear framework within which to work.

what i learnt today is that there is a time in a non linear film production where it appears that for all the work put in … that there is nothing to show for it … nothing that makes any sense.

this was all before i started to work.  methodically doing the thing that allows the korsakow film to function.  that thing being snuifying.

this evening i’m again buzzing about the film.  the decisions i made and editorial control practiced have to day started to show me a non linear film that i’m enjoying watching and it’s inspiring me to go back to the editor to generate the next set of files ready to import to korsakow.

i’m happy to update today because i can seen that what i’m doing in korsakow is starting to work and i can see more clearly where i need to add in content to move the project closer to being complete.

the paradoxical aspect of completing the project is that it’s possible to film more and add it into project.  for now at least i need to remain focussed on processing the footage i have and moving it all into korsakow.

once again i’m enthused about the project and it feels good.