Studio75 as a physical space closed in May 2013.

We learned a lot from setting up and running this space. Some of what we learned was very disappointing and some of it was inspiring and life/art affirming.

We met some amazing people through the space and some not so much. We had art given to us, and had art stolen from us. We put on some great shows with few attendees, and some great shows where the place was packed and the pavement outside too.

We won a major award and had a fair bit of local and international press.

Out of the project came a half hour documentary which is wending its way through the festival circuit right now, and we are in the process of making a book.

Currently we are deciding if we will run another space. We exist as a website and limited edition publisher of prints and books/zines. We are also running an exhibition initiative in a local venue THE YELLOW WALL at the Chalet Café, where we are exhibiting drawing, painting, and photography by artists with whom we have worked or whose work we like.

Working outsdie the studio: WATER MARKS by Nazir Tanbouli