Almofakera المُفَكره – Nazir Tanbouli’s new Drawing Blog

Almofakera means notepad, or, more recently blog, and this is just what this new blog is. Here is the link


What’s it for, when we already have the Studio75 blog here? Well, because the new blog is all about DRAWING and just that. Naz has been developing drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil and he decided that it would be great to share to some his process with the world

The mark is the building block of any drawing. Every mark has speed, direction and power. Together, they create the energy of the mark. The energy of a drawing subsequently, is the collective energy of the marks that have gone into making it. Harmony is the holy grail, and it depends only upon the relationship and interaction between the marks on any given surface. Sometimes I sound like a scientist or a mathematician when I talk about drawing. I find drawing to be the emotional and sensual manifestation of mathematics. Art is an interaction with the elements that could lead to producing a statement. In drawing, these elements are the medium, the instrument and the surface. For example, using a wide range of brushes allows me to apply the same ink to the same paper in so many different ways. Mark making is the foundation of both drawing and writing. That is why a mark can express and communicate shared human emotions.

Please come and see and follow the discussion.


El Sakiya- THE WATER MILL drawing performance