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We’ve had a good response to THE COCKFIGHT and so we’ve decided to keep the work up for another week, so more people can see it.

We’ve taken a few more and better pictures too.

Jon is still working in the studio so by the weekend there might even be something new.

Nazir’s started doing some work with the Petrie Museum. It’s a fascinating museum of Egyptology – mostly stuff from everyday life. Watch this space – we think something really interesting’s gonna come out of this!

But in a week’s time the studio will transform again and become a collage studio. We’re going to just sit here for a week or two and collage anything that comes our way, and then open the doorsd. I’m also compiling a programme of moving image collage: remix and mash up video art and films (some mine, some by others) for at least one screening. I went to see the magnificant John Stezaker show at the Whitechapel last week – ok that’s something to aspire to! Stick, stick, stick.

And Andrea’s got her project underway now. It’s going to be realy exciting: a series of monthly screenings called FLAT SCREENS; films that address the isue of housing in all kinds of quirky and fascinating ways. Why housing? Well, Studio 75 was once a studio flat, and it’s part of a whole block of flats – many still inhabited. It’s the perfect subject for us to explore.