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Studio75 is still alive

maybe you popped by Studio75 on the Kingsland Estate in Laburnum st recently and discovered to your surprise (horror?) that there is just a hole in the ground where the studio and its amazing murals used to be.

yes, the building at Hebden Court is gone…!!

but we are not

studio75 still exists. We are as active as ever, just no longer working out of a public gallery space. We might get another space in the future, but for now we are busy with:

– curating the YELLOW WALL project – regular hangings of shows of painting, drawing and photography at the Chalet Cafe. Bringing art OUT of the gallery into people’s daily lives

– mentoring young artists Randa Aboubakr and KROM

– actively working as artists – Nazir Tanbouli in Dubai

– actively working as film-makers – Gillian McIver’s first screening of the Studio75 film TAKING OVER THE KING’S LAND

– publishing artist books

– putting together a new ‘ZINE featuring limited edition art

and making new work

We are happy to host studio visits by appointment and are always willing to consider collaborations or curatorial projects.

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