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It’s been ages since my last post but, in my defence, the time has been well spent. The collage I’ve talked about in the last few posts is deceptively simple but was tricky to resolve. In the end, what worked was to experiment – make a sample, put it up, ponder the results. This applied equally to constructing the collage itself and the thorny issue of how to present it. I actually had one bull-dog clipped mounted version installed in the museum show before deciding to replace it just before the show opened – slightly unprofessional but the end result proved worthwhile. Here’s what the finished piece looks like installed:

As the work’s reflective, it needed the gallery setting to get decent photos. I wish I could have added another 2 collages in the series beside the piece, but I didn’t have time. If the top magnet is larger than the one beneath, any problems with the glue or positioning are hidden.

Summary of the end piece: clean-cut paper edges, glass mounted, one image stuck down, the other magnet mounted. The easiest way to apply the magnets is by using a template – position on the back first then drop the front magnets on.

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