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Well, a wonderful opportunity landed in my lap – an invite to produce a film for the Whitstable Biennale Fringe! The downside: make a new film connected to Whitstable in a few weeks when the last one took me about a year to produce!!!

Approach: find a connection between Whitstable and my interest in the train, use this to plan the shoot, film the journey in one hit using a PC for backup, edit using a similar approach to the last film.

What I learnt

Having a rough plan is great but let things evolve. I was drawn to footage of the countryside / water and I let this develop.

You can’t shoot all the footage in a day. You need to look at material gathered and use it to plan further filming. All in all, I spent 2 days shooting this time.

I don’t know enough about the hardware and software I’m using, or if they’re the best ones for the job. I need a camera that films speed better and to high quality (ideally 1K). I need editing software that copes better with large volumes of data and multiple layers. I need to understand more about file handling, compression, and output standards.

I feel the new film is more effective than the first. It’s becoming clearer what interests me with the work and these ideas are developing. I’m allowing this to develop.  I’m finding better ways to collage the results together.

There is a difference in feeling between the first and the second film so it feels like the work still has potential to develop.

My new film, ‘In search of the unreal n.02 debuts at Analogue Ensemble’s Live Film and Performance Night, 7:30pm, 9th June 2016 at The New Inn, Whitstable. This event is part of the wider Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme.