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In the two short films I’ve made recently (In search of the unreal n.01 and n.02) the sections that interest me the most are the views seen through another train. They offer multiple perspectives simultaneously – the train I’m travelling on, the one passing in the other direction and the scenery in the far distance. They contain disparate layers naturally trapped together into one frame – an accidental collagic collision of fairly random perspectives, events, objects and people.

Other footage in each film may have been layered digitally to construct unique perspectives but these shots through the trains have not been manipulated in this way.

It makes me wonder… What other collages can I find naturally occurring around me? What part do things like reflection, shadow, shafts of light, mist and smoke have to play? How different do the final results feel if they’re documented in photography or film?

These experiments in instant collages are being recorded using Instagram.