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speaking of the pandmic feels like an important thing to do and to reflect a little here so in years to come we’ll look back and see what it was like.

in the previous post i spoke about how i was going to set up the dining table to work on and indeed it saw me sat there for a lot of time.

with the uncertainty of the pandemic came delay with my progress within this project.  for several months i maintained a slow ahead both position in case the museum did suddenly get finished.

when news was available it confirmed how pandemic had affected the progress on site and for me this was a relief – to know what was going on.



yesterday i packed up the dining table.  i was in a place where i felt ready to go back to the studio and resume working – to rebuild momentum with the non linear project felt the right thing to do.



i moved back into the studio and prepared myself for working today.




the uncertainty of covid-19 remains.


one of our daughters had come home from work on sunday with the beginnings of a cold.  she’d worked 5 days straight and as a teenager the whole looking after oneself isn’t yet a cool thing to do.

yesterday afternoon while i was out she started to cough a little.

today was meant to be her first day at college.  she’s done the responsible thing and stayed home.  the family is going to self isolate based on an interpretation of three sentences on a website.  we can’t yet find a local test.

the guidelines say we need to isolate for 14 days – despite no clinical diagnosis and no available tests.

i feel uneasy as today was going to be me in the studio following through a plan.  i do have the minimum resources to do this at home; however, it doesn’t yet feel the right thing to do.



some minutes later …

a test has been found and booked nearby for later today.  getting a test now alters everything.  within 48 hours we’ll have a clinical diagnosis and either a remaining part of 14 days with good reason or being able to return back to what we’re calling normal.


i expect that our storey is very common and actually becoming quite normal.


i think what i’ve taken from today is something will guide me into how to include references to how the pandemic impacted upon working on site at the museum of making.   i do have an idea …


i am becoming motivated to work once again.



— update —- the result was negative.