“i don’t want you to resent it”

i’ve been having a lot of conversations about the voluntary endeavours that i’m currently engaged with and this line has recently surfaced within one.

i find it very easy to find voluntary positions, or generate them within evolving ideas. what i’m finding though is that as these ideas get worked through, the longer they take to realise, the higher risk of points of pressure of resentment. these are not good for my state of mind or wellbeing.

i turn and look the other way to funded opportunities and another well being issue arises, that of regular verbal contact. i seem to be talking with individuals who are so connected to so many people that their contact time is so very small and i thrive on spoken word interactions.

this is the way of things.

note to self: protect my well being to ensure continuation and thriving ness ness.

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into a new year. chances.

i continue to accept that i am where i am and now and again i cry.

i continue to wait for my ma interview part two.

i continue to accept that i am who i am and occasionally i cry.

i continue to make marks, take photograpghs and attempt to make an interactive bounded space.

i continue to accept that my feet will become cold when i sit to write things. i remedy this by walking.

alan watts speaking about money

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i’m playing still. playing and learning. i believe i can also refer to this as research if i have something to which i trying to find out about.

through the playing i know for now that the research is into what meaning is there when there is no meaning.

i don;t have to explain my inability to write well, and let’s face it if i did it probably wouldn’t be understood any way.

in researching mening (in/of) no meaning i so get myself in thinking knots while working which results in doings.

here’s today’s selected one minute outcome.