Chris Simcox-airspace studio artist

Some things that Chris has been up to…

Architecture week "A Fuller Space"

This was an event that intended to demonstrate the need within town centres for use of space to be explored in different ways, whether it be shelters or some kind of seating area. To capture people's imagination about public space and the surrounding architecture and to open up other possiblities or ways of seeing the surrounding urban landscape. The project started by putting together Architects, engineers, Artists with a local youth group and to come up with ideas through the use of workshops and events to inspire the young group to come up with their own ideas and to actively engage with the project. After some plane sailing, and the scenario of getting to know who you are working with! We arranged a time table and a brief to work from, the first day we came together as a group to come up with some funny, fantastical and sometimes crazy ideas. As the weeks went by we all came up with the idea of a "chill out" space, based upon the shape of a football.. So it was the professional's turn to make the idea a reality, realizing we should make the architect on our team work and show his skills of design. The next stage was to construct the shape using a 'geo-dome' which is made up of pentagons, and hexagons. Some serious late nights followed using in the 'airspace' studios to build it. Using the dome we collaborated with the youth group to come up with some panels to attach upon the surface, different materials such as steel, grass, and clay to add an interactive element to the project. On the day we were unfortunate to have the worst summer's day you can imagine, but the work was brilliantly successful and the youth group certainly made it their own.

Harlech Bienale "Uncommon Ground" Five day residency involving artists from all over the world including Argentina, Spain, Israel and even England. The project was to have studio based artists who normally work and live in vibrant cities (Stoke-on-Trent)?? To come to Harlech which is an incredibly beautiful landscape of tree's, Mountains, Sand and sea to produce work and to place it in and around the landscape. My own perpective on this was to use and pick out the vast natural colour of Harlech and the surrounding landscape. I began by gathering scrap wood from which i could cut out circular shapes, and paint them with the intension of capturing colour and light to expose the natural beauty of the landscape.


Window Projects

The window of Number 4 Broad Street has become a taster for artists to show their work to the passers by of Hanley City Centre.

Past work includes the fading memories of Katie Shipley's ‘A Place to Forget (5)', 35mm slides encased in wax that melted through the sunny days of April and revealed the forgotten memories within. And Anna Francis' iconic image of the partly torn down ‘Terrace', which pays homage to the buildings that hold history for many people in Stoke on Trent, but are being sacrificed for the regeneration of the area.

Both pieces have been recycled from past exhibitions at AirSpace's old home at the Falcon Works, Old Town Road. Creating a gradual move from one space to another and allowing interested parties to see the quality of what may lie behind the doors of the new Gallery.

The current work on show in the window is Matt Robinson's bright yellow vinyl design, catching the eye of all passers by. This is an extension of the Dizzy Heights show that just finished at the gallery.



31st August Preview (invite only) 7pm -9pm

31st August – 7th September open to public

‘Alternative Possible Worlds' involves 17 international video artists who have gained recognition as emerging talents. The work has been selected based around concerns about a rapidly changing world; from the effects of a shifting global economy, the destruction or suppression of indigenous cultures, mass building programmes and urban sprawl to dreams of possible futures informed by a mixture of 1950s science fiction and advancements in cloning and genetic manipulation.

The artists' Alternative Possible Worlds trace a fine line between the illusion of progress and potential catastrophe.

Artists include Nick Goulis, Andro Semeiko, Toine Klaassen, Brignell and Raimes, Stephen Bishop, Noémi McComber, Zhenchen Liu, Ella Kajsa Nordstrom, Monica Rodriguez Medina, Michael Salmond, Gaia Persigo, Akiko and Masako Takada, Marcin Gajewski, Joseph Hallam, Ben Young, Alexandra Crouwers and Michelle Letelier.

AirVideo is a series of film and video events co-curated by Matt Roberts and Yu-Chen Wang of BasementArtProject.com. For more information www.basementartproject.com/airvideo