AirSpace and the Axis Festival:

This Year the AirSpace Team will be blessing you with eight exciting events from the 18th of April to the 4th May. This includes some Stoke on Trent’s most exciting venues that have been flying the flag for both the city and their own genres, the Axis Festival are pleased to be working in partnership with the Sugarmill, Victoria Hall, Dazed and Fat Cats, AirSpace are also using unconventional spaces to showcase Contemporary Art and Music such as Infinities and various locations within the City Centre. AirSpace will also be hosting an exhibition and window display that will showcase some of new and freshest artists working on a national level.

The Launch for the visual arts event will be on the 18th April at 7pm at AirSpace Gallery. With the exhibition There and Then the exhibition looks at artwork that examines nostalgia of music and festivals, the memory of life and light and the how these can be brought into the future. The exhibition also questions how the future visions can affect our memory or show how important our memories our. The exhibition features, automatic robots by Alex Pearl, futuristic vision our Matthew Hahn and Matthew Robinson and artefacts of the past by Liz Wroe and Stuart Porter and the light and time of David Knowles. Is there an overload of information to the contrast of simply imagery. The gallery is open Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm.

Check out the axis festival website for details of more events



AirSpace have started workshops!

We have now completed two workshop sessions:

A Series of Unlikely Events:

with Creative Partnerships at Grove Junior School, Northwood, Stoke on Trent.

We had a great time teaching year 5 at Grove junior school about animations. They learnt about flick books, animation techniques and we held an awards ceremony at the end with presentation of photographs to the school.

RT8 Arts and Consultation:

At Kings Hall, Stoke.

Along similar lines we gave young people a chance to try out their plasticene model making techniques and shoot an animation.

The RT8 animation is available to see online check out www.airspacegallery.org and follow the ‘services’ link.

The Grove Junior School workshop was covered by The Sentinel, the local newspaper and hopefully the animation will be available on their website for viewing.