Brian Holdcroft – studio artist

When I walk the landscape I find myself thinking about the way that we engage with the environment. The dialogue is one that I feel cannot be detached from the history of the land to which we are so firmly rooted and the human condition. Fleeting moments of heightened experience raise further questions about the shape of our surroundings and our relationship with it. In his book “Landscape and Memory” Simon Schama suggests….. “Before it is a repose for the senses landscape is the work of the mind”.

The momentary and the more monumental shifts that occur both external and internal to our existence creates fluid reference points.

This constant state of becoming is central to my work as an art maker. My approach is to work with a variety of mediums including Super 8 film, photography, 2D and site specific in order to open up imaginative spaces of engagement.


recalling the future.

Reviewed by Gemma Thacker on Work Experience


Art that shows important matters.

Through the art you see the lives and the sole of the artist. Each artist coming up with something meaningful to them and showing us, through art, ways to understand the world and giving us a new light with which to look on things all around us.

Talulah Miers’s Template appears to be about our earth, it is saying, our once proud world is melting into nothing, animals are dying because of our cruel ways towards nature and each other. Blackened hearts taking life itself. Soon there will be nothing left but death and blood stains on our once proud Earth.

Paul Fulton the Chicken Coop. The main body is simple enough but has a deeper meaning. To see past the body and to the inside of it. The lights, like your eyes, are a window into your soul.

Stuart Porter’s Lead Work. In a time forgot lies important memories and secret items saved for the future. The use of lead gives it an age but keeps it the same.

Andrew Reynolds’s Syanaptic Voyage. Unstoppable movement. A soul like no other. In a simple form, a journey is started from nowhere and its destination unknown to its self-moving with the river of life until the end of time.

Ben Chetter’s Starman is a symbol, a hidden question, a highlight of ones hidden self. The truth of sexuality can this be a way to express it?

Recollection, remembering the past. But to me looking to the future. In both ways you see the art. Past and the future in one. As one door closes another two open. The past has important meaning and the future is what we make it. In the hearts and minds of all the living, hopes for the future and special moments to cherish forever like a baby being born, to its first days in high school and the rest of its life. Linked by invisible threads tying all of use together binding us to the past and unknown future.